The company is extremely conscientious and focused on the details of their projects and the needs of their clients. KL9 strives for perfection in all aspects of their work and labors tirelessly towards minimizing any potential inconvenience that a remodeling project can bring.

Getting Started:

  • Contact Keith to set up a time for a free consolation and estimate.
  • A detailed estimate will be provided for your review and a list of references can be furnished upon request.
  • KL9 invites all their prospective clients to walk through a recently completed project and meet recent clients to make sure you feel comfortable moving forward.


  • Upon signing a contract, Keith walks clients through the project every step of the way
  • KL9 has architects and drafts people at the ready for jobs that require permits.
  • KL9 offers unlimited design assistance and access to their list of preferred vendors for plumbing fixtures, appliances, granite, cabinetry, tile, flooring etc.
  • During the course of the project, Keith will be present daily to properly manage everything.
  • Emails are sent out regularly to keep clients informed of the upcoming schedule and keep clients ahead of the curve on all decisions that are needed.


    • KL9 only takes on a handful of projects a year in order to maintain a high quality of work and a high level of customer satisfaction delivered in the shortest possible time.
    • Once KL9 commits to a project, a timeline is submitted and a completion date is put in writing.
    • KL9 projects do not “drag on” and typically they are completed faster than anticipated.


  • KL9 does most of the work ”in house” with its experienced crew and the subcontractors they use have been part of the KL9 team for many years allowing for a seamless transition from one stage to the next.
  • Clients can trust that their home and belongings are well cared for throughout every project
  • The subcontractors we use are all small, quality, companies where the owner is typically there on the job ensuring that everything is done to the highest standards.
  • Workers are required to keep everything clean, neat, organized and as dust free as possible throughout the course of the project.


  • Clients talk to Keith, the owner of KL9, directly for everything.
  • Calls and emails are answered and returned promptly.
  • Keith informs clients about any schedule changes in advance and make sure clients know who is working in their house and when.

Payment and Completion:

  • The payment schedule is structured so that the client is always “ahead” of the contractor to maintain financial leverage throughout the project.
  • The final payment is not requested until the client is 100% satisfied with everything and the job site is thoroughly cleaned up.

Quality Guarantee:

  • While warranties ranging from 1-3 years are typical in the industry, KL9 will warranty all the workmanship on the clients home for as long as they own their home.
  • Any issues that arise are handled promptly and without question,
  • Remodeling a house doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. KL9 works together with their clients to not only build them a beautiful home but to build a lasting friendship as well.

What’s in a name? :

While the “K” and the “L” simply derive from Keith’s initials, the number 9 comes from his passion for ice hockey and specifically the “great number nines” that dominated the game back in the 50’s and 60’s.